Akintola Phillips

Michael is an associate in the tax, maritime and dispute resolution divisions of the firms’ practice. He is well grounded in the field of arbitration, maritime law, intellectual and real property, taxation and others. He is a member of International Council for Commercial Arbitration, a member of Institute of Transnational Arbitration, and an associate member of Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators. Michael holds a Copyright law certification from Harvard Law School in Conjunction with Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society. He is an author of many legal opinions and articles.

  • Nigerian Law School (B.L)
  • Lagos State University (LL.B)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Property & Land Law
  • Dispute Resolution & Risk Management
  • Intellectual Property
  • Maritime Law
  • Taxation
  • International Council for Commercial Arbitration
  • Institute of Transnational Arbitration
  • Nigerian Institute of Chartered Arbitrators
  • Young Institute of Transnational Arbitration (Young-ITA)
  • Young International Council for Commercial Arbitration (Young-ICCA)