Courtroom litigation has remained popular in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria due to the need to redress legal wrongs and other related reasons. However, justice remains an elusive tale for many litigants at the Lagos Law Courts.

Hermon Legal Practitioners’ dispute resolution team handles complex commercial litigation matters for our clients. From the prosecution, to the defence of Court cases, proceeding from the Lagos High Courts, to the Court of Appeal, and then on to the Supreme Court of Nigeria, Abuja, we have a stellar team that are well grounded in the nuances of courtroom litigation. We also handle litigation matters for our clients across the various States in Nigeria.

Our primary objective is to ensure that the disputes arising out of business transactions, commercial relationships, and dealings, are professionally handled by our capable team of dispute resolution experts. Our dispute resolution team is well versed in the other practice areas of the firm’s core legal operations, the aim of which is to ensure that there is a seamless transition from our other areas into handling our clients’ matters by the same competent hands who’d been with the clients in their corporate and commercial journey as they navigate Nigeria’s business scene.

As leaders in dispute resolution, we maintain a core focus on strategically protecting the interests of our clients even when reaching amicable settlement of disputes in their stead. We always think of our clients’ interest at all levels of the dispute resolution process, and we don’t hesitate to actively advise our clients to settle disputes if we feel that same would protect their interests.

Our seat of litigation is in Lagos, from where we handle matters for our clients all over Lagos at short notice. With affiliate arrangements and relationships with partners in Abuja and other parts of Nigeria, we are always handy to swiftly delve in to handle our clients’ litigation from all parts of Nigeria with the stellar standard of delivery that has been our hallmark since our inception.

Why choose the litigation lawyers from the Dispute Resolution Team at Hermon Legal Practitioners to protect your rights in Lagos?

Our Anthony Lagos litigation attorneys have a combined experience of over 40 years in handling litigation matters across the Lagos Courts, up to the Supreme Court in Abuja. We understand it is generally in the best interest of clients to seek for ways to better minimize litigation exposure unless if and where absolutely necessary, so we harness our litigation and dispute resolution skills to negotiate settlements between our clients and their opponents. Otherwise, we deploy the best resources at our disposal to ensure that we get justice for our clients in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Our services run the spectrum of representations in Lagos Courts and other courts across the country, mediation, arbitration, dispute due diligence undertakings for our clients, portfolio audits and recommendations, acting as legal counsel in the cases that require our legal assistance for our clients, alongside a whole other spectrum of dispute resolution services for the clients that walk into our Lagos offices.

Our work also entails running a risk assessment of the litigation portfolio of our clients and target companies to ensure that there is no exposure to avoidable legal risk that may entail lengthy litigation in Court.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

It is not news that a large number of corporate entities no longer fancy litigation in Lagos Courts. Many have a deepening preference for alternative dispute resolution over the conventional courtroom practice so that they do not have to deal with the Courts which are fraught with bottlenecks, delays, uncertainties and a marked knack for lengthy legal tussles that consume a lot of time, with little results achieved.

A larger number of our local and international clients now choose alternative dispute resolution mechanisms over litigating in Court because of the attendant uncertainties, indeterminate length of time, and delays that bedevil the commercial litigation process. Furthermore, a rise in foreign direct investment (FDI) in various areas of the Nigerian business-commercial sector has led to a higher demand for ADR to ensure speedy resolution of commercial disputes that won’t ground economic activities to a halt.

For our commercial clients that want little or nothing to do with conventional courtroom litigation, we create measures in place in contractual documents, set up dispute resolution mechanisms, and actively advise them in the various issues pertaining to alternative dispute resolution. By ingraining our commercial knowledge into the workings of our local and international clients, we are able to routinely advise on the best Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanism that will be suited for each individual case/transaction because of our deep understanding of how our clients work. . .[More]