The Energy & Natural Resources industry is integral to Nigeria’s growth and economy since the beginning of Oil exploration in Nigeria. With a rapidly and ever expanding urban popular, Nigeria is looking towards renewable energy in order to be able to provide adequate power for its expanding urban population and the thriving industries in the rural areas.

We have a team of lawyers that are dedicated to the service of our clients in the Energy sector of the Nigerian economy. In a volatile, ever-changing environment, the Energy & Natural Resources sector has been and continues to offer exciting opportunities and challenges. The introduction of new technology is transforming all sectors globally and the Energy sector is not left out; introduction of newer forms of energy and the regulatory landscape presents evolving issues that needs to be handled.

Our clients who work in the Energy sector demands innovative, custom tailored legal solutions to their issues which demand a thorough understanding of the legal and commercial aspects of the sector within Nigerian jurisdiction and sister jurisdictions where they operate.

Hermon’s clients seek our energy & natural resources practise expertise with different aspects natural resources and energy law, alongside related matters. These include:

  • Approvals
  • Contract Negotiation & Drafting
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Energy Advisory
  • Energy Disputes Resolution (litigation and ADR)
  • Joint Ventures
  • Obtaining Consents and approval
  • Project Development
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory filings

The Scope of our Work in Nigeria’s Energy Law & Natural Resources sector

We work with various clients on a wide range of issues, from oil & gas projects to renewable energy, the latter which is a big deal within the Nigerian Investment terrain given the demand for clean, renewable energy. We help our clients to navigate through the regulatory compliance corridors of extant regulatory authorities and the myriad of new and existing government policies/regulations, issues and emerging opportunities within the Energy & Natural Resources sector.

Our legal team that handles our clients’ needs includes lawyers with extensive knowledge and operation in the Energy sector. The head of our Energy Practise team has personal extensive experience litigating and providing advisory services for clients, as well as a Ph.D in Energy Law. We utilize our combined breadth of experience and unique perspectives to proffer the best possible solutions for our clients’ issues. Our team remain hands-on to help you navigate the toughest legal issues because we have provided and continue to provide legal advisory services on several complex Energy & Natural Resources projects, amongst others.


The Scope of our Energy Law Practice

HERMON Legal Practitioners provides legal support for all aspects renewable energy projects. Addressing the challenges within the power sectors in Nigeria requires multi-faceted approach and transition to renewable energy provides a sustainable solution and a catalyst to economic development. 

Our Energy law team are well positioned and occupies pre-eminent position in providing legal support to, suppliers, investors both private and public, lenders,  Insurance companies, government agencies both domestic and foreign, developers and landowners, generators on all aspects of transition to net zero and renewable energy and low carbon projects. We provide advice on solar, hydro, power plants, community renewable energy projects and energy from waste projects

We provide support at all stages of renewable and low carbon energy projects including but not limited to 

• Conception

• Construction

• Financing

• Commissioning

• Generation

• Decommissioning

We provide the following advisory services:

• Foreign investment laws and regime in Nigeria

• Consents and regulatory matters

• Tax

• Incorporation

• Structuring and restructuring

• Joint venture and development 

• Acquisition and disposal of renewable assets

• Due diligence on renewable energy assets and contracts

• Sale & purchase agreements for all types of renewable energy and power projects

• Joint venture and development agreements

• Environmental Impact Assessment and providing legal review of environmental statements and habitat regulation appraisals

• Service and availability contracts

• Operation and maintenance contracts for the continued operation and efficient use of the generating equipment

• Project finance and other forms of finance

• Project management of cross-border financing transactions

• Offtake and power purchase arrangements for the sale and export of electricity and renewable benefits generated by renewable energy projects

• Advising on regulatory regime for Nigeria energy industry.

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