Employment and Industrial Relations

Employment Law & Industrial Relations Law Issues

One of the core competencies of our lawyers is Employment and Industrial Relations. We routinely advise our clients on matters relating to employment of staff, generating employment and end-of-employment contract documentation and Non-Disclosure Agreements, negotiating the employment and retainer of senior-level staff members, settling employment-related trade disputes between employers and employees so as to avoid recourse to the National Industrial Court and advising on employee acquisitions and retainerships in various context, across different operating sectors.
As always, we are dedicated towards being a legal step ahead in our Employment advisory services by ensuring that we actively review employment contracts to ensure that they are not onerous to the interest of employees so as to avoid fallout with Regulatory authorities.

Lagos Employment, Trade and Industrial Relations

Our Lagos employment, trade and industrial relations practice attorneys handles all types of employment and industrial relations issues for companies and individuals in Lagos State and different parts of Nigeria. We advise clients in matters of workplace discrimination, employment contract documentation, harassment, Regulatory violations and other related issues. Our Lagos attorneys also oversees the review and negotiation of employee severance contracts, non-disclosure agreements to ensure protection of the best interests of our clients, and all other Lagos employment contracts, cutting across various sectors in the thriving commercial hub. Hermon Legal Practitioners proudly advises and represents individual clients who want the opportunity to work in a safe environment where their legal interests are protected in their contracts, they’re free from harassment, discrimination and workplace injury due to hazardous standards at work. We have the talent, standards, and drive to ensure that we protect the best interests of our clients in the companies they work in or about to work in.

Our Employment Law and Industrial Relations Advisory

At Hermon, we advise our clients on a broad range of employment and labour law issues including:

  • Employment Severance, Negotiation & Documentation
  • Discrimination
  • Disciplinary Codes & Procedures
  • Employment Negotiations
  • Representation at the National Industrial Court
  • Pay Expatriate quota allotment and requirements for expatriates
  • Unfair Dismissal
  • Contracts of Employment

Contract Documentation & Review

Our Lagos employment lawyers are well versed in the documentation of employment contracts and we actively ensure that our institutional clients and companies we represent maintain high and ethical standards in the engagement terms they offer to prospective employees. By having deep industry knowledge of various sectors and understanding Federal Trade laws and Lagos industrial Regulations, we are able to steer our clients away from pitfalls in the employments either being offered to them or which they’re trying to offer to employees to ensure that there is strict compliance with extant Regulations.

Contract Severance Review, Negotiation & Documentation

Our Lagos severance lawyers are well versed in the review, negotiation and documentation of severance contracts and the laws of Lagos and Trade laws in Nigeria. We understand that in many cases, there may be need for an employee to leave the employ of an employer due to other job engagement, or for personal reasons, or for continuation of education in other jurisdictions. In that event, we document the rights and responsibilities of both parties in a way that is fair and equitable. From severance pay negotiations, to other packages and continuing obligations, our review team is hands-on to help with this type of issue that may arise from an employment contract.