Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Hermon Legal Practitioners’ Corporate Governance and Regulatory compliance practice group advise on the full range of corporate governance and regulatory compliance issues, from Sector and Industry best practices, employee compensation and indemnification, Insurance to conflict of interests, internal Board investigations, and legal crisis assessment and management.

Our practice experience includes advising senior level management on board and committee composition including board management, leadership structures and importance of enterprise risk management across Firm core operations, as well as related board-level functions and duties including reviewing bylaws and guidelines, codes of ethics books and other corporate governance-related materials designed to comply with extant legal and regulatory requirements as required by Nigerian Laws and Codes.

Our client roster includes business entities and corporations, boards of directors, board committees and C-Suite executives who are able to dip into our legal expertise for extensive legal advice on the regulations and compliance issues affecting their industries and the sectors of their business operations.

Our areas of Corporate Governance and Regulatory Compliance work include

  • Business Operations
  • Business ethics and anti-corruption codes
  • Dispute resolution and commercial litigation
  • Employment and Labour Relations (Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation)
  • Insurance
  • Internal Codes investigations
  • Legal Risk Advisory
  • Regulation and Investigations
  • Transactions
  • Reputation Management and Crisis Prevention
  • Shareholder Management and Engagement

To best serve the needs of our esteemed clients, our law offices are conveniently located in the commercial city of Lagos, Nigeria.  Please contact our corporate governance and regulatory compliance team, Mr. Benjamin Obidegwu and Oluwafunmilayo Iyanda with all your issues, concerns and enquiries.

Our Corporate Governance and Compliance Sub-Practices

Our Governance and Compliance practices are:

Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Practice provides a comprehensive suite of corporate governance services to businesses, public and private companies, and institutions. We advise board directors, specific board committees and senior-level management on their expected duties and responsibilities including corporate governance strategies and industry best practices. We also provide corporate trainings on corporate governance matters, and act for listed companies in relation to their Code of Ethics obligations.

Regulatory Compliance

Hermon Legal Practitioners assists our institutional and other professional services clients, business entities and companies that companies that work within regulated sectors to comply with Regulatory scrutiny and oversight, as well as Nigeria’s network of extant compliance laws for each Sector. Our legal risk management, corporate governance, and regulatory compliance attorneys conduct extensive portfolio assessments and review all relevant records for our business clients to ensure that there are no loopholes waiting to be filled. We also routinely advise business clients on measures to be utilized in strengthening compliance measures. We also ensure that compliance shortcomings are swiftly addressed and appropriate management systems are set in place to totally forestall future failures.

We make sure we actively engage our clients from the outset of the client engagement by developing strong compliance rule books and then staying on top of those rule books to ensure adequate compliance. Our proactive measures ensures that our clients have no failings and stay above water.