Hermon Barristers & Solicitors is a full service Commercial Law Firm in Lagos, Nigeria. At Hermon, our overarching goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations, deliver only top notch legal services and advisory, and to advance the commercial and business interests of our esteemed clients across various Sector disciplines across Nigeria and within the African Market.  We have a fully developed team, with core expertise and technical prowess across various legal service areas so as to better anticipate legal issues, understand our clients’ businesses, and proffer tailored solutions to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Our dedication, fidelity to our clients, swift and intelligent responsiveness to the needs of our clients, has continuously distinguished us in the legal services market. Our lawyers have a deep understanding of the Nigerian market, with deep insights into various commercial sectors, which is based on our years of stellar work delivery in those areas as we navigate the legal waters for our clients; performing various functions ranging from sector advisory, to due diligence, employment issues, liaising with government bodies and regulatory authorities both at State and Federal levels, banking & finance, and beyond. We service a diverse specter of clients, from multinationals, to medium corporations and enterprises, investors, agencies, international companies seeking to gain their foothold in the Nigerian Commercial market, and high net worth individuals.

At Hermon Barristers & Solicitors, we believe in giving back to the community that has contributed to our continued growth over the years, so our partners and associates actively engage in community building efforts. We are involved with different programs through which we seek to make the society better and groom better youths to come up in the commercial sector.

Our clients choose us again and again because they are certain that their legal issues will be handled with the utmost professionalism and innovation by a team of highly technically qualified lawyers in our offices whose watchword is to always exceed clients’ expectations while helping clients to navigate through regulatory challenges and overcome legal issues.

Hermon was originally set up in 1987 under the established Lagos law practise of Osinbajo, Kukoyi & Adokpaye in Nigeria’s commercial capital city. In 2000, the Lagos Law Firm evolved from the stellar practise of Osinbajo, Kukoyi & Adokpaye into Hermon Barristers & Solicitors. From its original inception and management by Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Hermon Barristers & Solicitors have grown and evolved from its humble beginnings to being one of the most highly respected Law firms within Nigeria’s commercial city of Lagos.

The growth of commercial activities, foreign direct investments, portfolio building by foreign conglomerates, rise in small, medium and large scale enterprises, has helped to shape Hermon Barristers & Solicitors’ practice areas. We have established an unblemished, stellar and go-to  reputation as an Industry leader in a variety of sectors and a wide range of corporate-commercial, banking, employment and contentious matters requiring dispute resolution for an esteemed range of clients.

Hermon Barristers & Solicitors have leveraged on the growth of the Nigerian economy in recent years and the deepening expansion of commercial activities in Nigeria to develop a vibrant legal practice that carters to the eclectic needs of our clients. We have also striven to be at the forefront of developments in Nigeria’s legal sector, making sure that we keep abreast of developments so as to stay ahead of clients’ expectations.

Our management history (which includes leadership under one of Nigeria’s leading Men of Substance, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo), coupled with our deep roots in and familiarity with the Nigerian business environment across various sectors gives us a unique perspective on the matters we handle for our clients. That has further shaped our unique approach to matters and has helped drive our innovation in the service of our esteemed clients in Lagos and within Nigeria as they navigate through various legal issues.

To be the pre-eminent Law firm in the West African Region, with a core focus in the commercial city of Lagos, acting institutionally and intentionally in order to advance the business and legal interests of our esteemed clients across the Continent.

At Hermon Barristers & Solicitors, we thrive on certain core principles and fundamental values that distinguishes us in our professional endeavors in our several years of existence to serve the interests of our clients. We believe in Fidelity, Utmost Professionalism, dedication to the provision of top-notch, stellar service delivery for our clients and Innovation of professional services so as to exceed clients expectations at all levels of engagement.

First and foremost, we are a client-facing business. This means that we put our clients’ needs first and above every other consideration. We ensure that we understand our clients’ businesses; this helps us to better tailor and deliver the best services we can to them. To ensure that we stay ahead of the pack, we ensure we evolve with the evolution of our clients’ businesses and commercial interests. By ensuring such investment into the understanding of our clients’ businesses, we anticipate our clients’ legal issues and solve their every legal need.

In recent times, we work with a broad range of sophisticated clientele who are heavily reliant on sophisticated technology as they go about their businesses, so we continue to develop our reliance on Technology since it is integral to the work we do at Hermon. That way, our clients are assured that their work is being handled by capable hands that are adept in the adoption and use of existing, new and emerging tech since we keep our fingers reaching towards high-end tech development which we deploy in the services of our esteemed private and institutional clients, both local and foreign.


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