About Us

Hermon Legal Practitioners is a commercial law firm with a rich history of excellence situated in Lagos, Nigeria. Hermon was originally set up in 1987 under the established Lagos law practise of Osinbajo, Kukoyi & Adokpaye. In year 2000, we evolved from the stellar practise of Osinbajo, Kukoyi & Adokpaye, into Hermon Legal Practitioners. Here at Hermon, we deliver quality legal services and help our esteemed clients advance their commercial and business interests within Nigerian and beyond.

We also believe, unapologetically, in giving back to the community that has contributed to our continued growth over the years. That is why our partners and associates are involved in numerous programs which seek to groom competent youths in the commercial sector.

Since our inception and consequent management by Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, we have outgrown our humble beginnings into being one of the most reputable Law firms within Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

We have expertly leveraged the ups and downs of the Nigerian economy to develop a spirited legal practice that carters for the many needs of our clients. Also, we have striven to be at the forefront of changes in Nigeria’s legal sector, ensuring that we are always many steps ahead of our competition. 

Today, due to our uncommon level of diversity, we service a stunning myriad of clients: multinationals, medium corporations and enterprises, investors, agencies, international companies seeking to gain ground in the Nigerian market, high net-worth individuals, and so much more.

To be the pre-eminent Law firm in the West African Region with a core focus on the commercial city of Lagos, and to act institutionally and intentionally in order to advance the business and legal interests of our esteemed clients across the Continent.

At Hermon Legal Practitioners, we thrive on certain core principles and fundamental values that distinguish us in our professional endeavours and our several years of existence, and this is to serve the interests of our clients. We believe in fidelity, utmost professionalism, dedication to the provision of top-notch, stellar-service delivery for our clients, and Innovation of professional services so as to exceed clients expectations at all levels of engagements.

Just as we proudly claim, we are a client-centric establishment. We ensure that we understand our clients’ businesses and put their needs before ours. We have had the privilege to work with an interesting range of sophisticated clients, some of whom are heavily dependent on modern technology in going about their businesses. So in order to stay ahead of the curve and continue our excellent output of services, we are on a never-ending trip towards being more technologically savvy. That way, our clients are assured that their work is being handled by capable hands who are proficient in the most recent of technology.

If it is not the quality of our services, then it is distinction of our results. In many ways than one, we keep our clients coming back for more. They are certain that their legal issues will be handled with utmost professionalism and maximum discretion.